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The Neely Henry Lake Association was formed as a nonprofit environmental and recreational organization.

Our goals are to preserve, protect and improve the quality of life in and around Neely Henry Lake.

Our hopes are to improve safety and water quality by working together with local, state and federal agencies along with homeowners and all persons that use and appreciate our beautiful lake.


Advocated for Boater Safety:

The NHLA led the effort to have hundreds of acres of stumps and timber removed from Neely Henry Reservoir due to boating safety concerns. We also requested that the Alabama Marine Patrol and Alabama Power Company provide navigational markers to help improve boater safety.

Decreased Water Fluctuations:

In 1999, the NHLA petitioned Alabama Power Company, the Corps of Engineers and FERC to establish a spring, fall and winter elevation level of 507 feet above sea level on the reservoir, rather than 505 feet. This request was approved in 2001, which improved boating safety and significantly increased property values and recreation/tourism.

Supported License Renewal:

The neely Henry Lake Association worked with Alabama Power Company for many years in the license renewal process for Neely Henry Reservior. Alabama Power Company's operating license was approved by FERC and the US Army of Engineers in June 2013.

Participated in Renew Our Rivers:

The NHLA has been a key participant in Renew Our Rivers since its beginning in 1999. The program began on Neely Henry Reservoir and now covers most of the rivers in Alabama and has spread to Georgia, Mississippi and Florida. Thousands of people have participated in Renew Our Rivers and about 14 million pounds of debris have been removed from all participating areas.

Installed Fishing Line Receptacles:

We placed fishing line receptacles near boat launch areas on the Neely Henry Reservoir in Calhoun, St. Clair and Etowah Counties for collecting and recycling used fishing line. Used fishing line is hazardous to many species of birds and aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms, as well as boat propellers and motors.

Sponsored Educational Programs:

The NHLA participates in the Message in the Bottle educational program, which is a component of Renew Our Rivers. This program was named after a 19 year old "message" found in a plastic bottle during a 2001 Renew Our Rivers event. We have been a sponsor of this program since its inception. This program involves schools in Etowah County and more than 10,000 students have participated in this program. 

We have also been an annual sponsor and participant in the Water Festival that is held each year at Gadsden State Community College. The Water Festival highlights the importance of clean water and the detrimental impacts of pollution. The festival provides a learning experience that utilized instructor-led basic laboratory demonstration and subsequent discussions for fourth grade students in Etowah County.

Participated in Fish Habitat Improvement Programs:

Since 2005 members of the NHLA have worked with Alabama Power Company personnel to place hundreds of Christmas trees at various locations in Neely Henry Reservoir. The trees are secured to the bottom of the lake with concrete weights. Floats are attached to the tops of the trees so they remain in upright position and they are placed in deep water to prevent a safety hazard to boaters, swimmers and skiers.

Facilitated Water Wars Discussions:

The NHLA is working with Alabama state agencies, local, state and national political leaders, other lake associations, environmental organizations, angling organizations, civic organizations and concerned citizen groups in an attempt to prevent future major water losses to Alabama. This involved the ongoing 25 year water dispute with Georgia. Studies have shown that significant environmental damage would occur to the Coosa River if water flow is reduced due to increased withdrawals by Georgia.

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The Neely Henry Lake Association was formed as an all volunteer, tax-exempt organization representing all counties along Neely Henry Lake. We welcome as members all who live on, fish in, boat on, swim in, ski on or in any way enjoy Neely Henry Lake. 

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"Neely Henry Lake Association" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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