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Activities and Projects

In order to keep our members informed, below is a synopsis of what your Neely Henry Lake Association and its board have recently done, and what is anticipated in the future.

Over the past 7 months, NHLA has taken the lead in coordinating and sponsoring, along with Greater Gadsden Tourism, two first-time-ever events on the Lake. The first was the inaugural Christmas Boat Parade, December, 2016. It was scheduled to coincide with the First Friday event in downtown Gadsden. Although a bit chilly, a number of boats turned out and everyone had a great time!
We also kicked off the first annual Memorial Weekend Boat Parade. Boaters assembled from all over the lake and travelled upriver to Gadsden. All boats were "wearing" their colors of red, white and blue and honoring those fallen in the service of our country. The second annual parade should be even better! 
Pictures/video may be seen on their respective drop-downs.(Update 6/20/17).

        As in past years, the NHLA has worked closely with  Alabama Power Company personnel in the placement of over 1,000 Christmas trees for enhancement of fish habitat in Neely Henry Lake. In 2017 and 2018, again partnering with APCO and ADCNR (fisheries), we built and installed 100 "spider blocks"for a more long-lasting structure. See the habitat improvement drop-down on this page for the latest info and pictures.

       The NHLA supported, financially and with human resources, in conjunction with the Alabama Power Company, Keep Etowah Beautiful and various counties and municipalities,the annual Renew Our Rivers cleanup effort on Neely Henry Lake.  This annual project has received a National Award from Keep America Beautiful. Pictures of this event may be seen by checking drop-down on this page.

A very important project started and supported by your NHLA is the fishing line recycling program. Members of NHLA have built and installed receptacles to be used by fishermen to dispose of used fishing line. We all know the impact that fishing line thrown into the lake can have on fish, wildlife and boat motors and the need to dispose of it properly.
NHLA has installed receptacles at 10 locations, some with multiple receptacles, to be used as recycling stations. Members have "adopted" each site and regularly empty receptacles and properly dispose of fishing line (w
e have a relationship with a major line manufacturer to take the used line). Thanks to all you volunteers!!
The locations are: below Neely Henry Dam (2), St. Clair County park (Canoe Creek, to be installed when park re-opens), Ten Island boat ramp, Lake Front Boat ramp (Hiway 77), Greensport Marina, Big Head Bait Shop and Marina (Canoe Creek), Rainbow Landing, I-759 bridge (Ray Park), Coosa Landing (3) and Tillison's Bend. 
(Update 6/24/17).

 NHLA Focus

  • The NHLA board learned that Neely Henry Lake might be returned to the old 505’ winter pool level rather than continue the 507’ level we’ve enjoyed recently.  The higher winter pool lever was due, in large part, to earlier significant efforts of NHLA to get a variance from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorizing the 507’ level.  Your NHLA board wrote a letter to FERC arguing for maintaining the 507’ level, and it enlisted the support of local, state and federal political officials in what appears to be a successful effort to preserve the higher winter pool level.
  • NHLA officer represented NHLA interests at the annual Alabama Marine Police meeting hosted by Alabama Power Company in Clanton, Alabama.
  •  An officer and board member met with our local state legislators earlier this year to enlist their support for a state-wide water management plan.  Discussions were also held with other state officials in Montgomery.
  • An officer and board member of NHLA participated in an Alabama Water Policy Symposium hosted in Birmingham by the Alabama Rivers Alliance.  The featured speakers at the symposium included two members of the Alabama Water Agency Working Group (AWAWG), which has been charged by Governor Bentley with developing a state-wide water management plan by 12/13/13.  It was at this symposium that the stakeholder input process was detailed.
  • The NHLA board scheduled a Water Management Plan Stakeholder Input Meeting to afford us the opportunity of providing input representing the interests of Neely Henry Lake and the upper Coosa River Basin. Meeting took place late October, 2012.
  • The NHLA participated in the planning process for the upcoming annual Water Festival and Message In The Bottle programs, and it provided financial support therefor.  Both events target area youth and educate them on the importance of clean water.
  • The NHLA board had discussions with officials of Alabama Power Company and the Alabama Marine Police regarding the possibility of placing navigational/safety markers in Neely Henry Lake.  While this effort is ongoing, progress has been made.
As you can see from the above, significant effort has been made by your NHLA board with respect to the two top priorities (i.e., water wars/plans and navigation/safety markers) that were identified at our member meeting earlier this year.  Please feel free to communicate with your NHLA board members any issues that you believe require the attention of your lake association.

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The Neely Henry Lake Association was formed as an all volunteer, tax-exempt organization representing all counties along Neely Henry Lake. We welcome as members all who live on, fish in, boat on, swim in, ski on or in any way enjoy Neely Henry Lake. 

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