Q: What steps do I take if I want to build a boathouse or seawall?
A: Alabama Power holds property rights around the lake as required by the federal government. So before you begin construction, make changes or additions to any structures or the shoreline, you need to call Alabama Power Company for a permit. An Alabama Power representative will meet with you. To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-LAKES-11 (525-3711) (in Birmingham, 257-1077) or visit shoreline management

Complete details and guidelines may be found at: alabamapower.com/community/lakes. Click on shoreline management.

Q: I'm new to the area and have heard stories about shallow areas in the lake. How do I find out where the shallows are?
A: There are indeed shallow areas in the lake. Most sporting goods stores or marinas in the area have good maps specific to Neely Henry Lake. If you have a depth finder on your boat, watch it closely and stay in the channel of the Coosa River and proceed cautiously until you get experience on the lake. You can be fooled by quick changes in the depth, even though you may think you are "in the middle" of the lake. The Neely Henry Lake Association is working with several agencies to determine the feasibility of having Safe Day Navigation markers installed.

Q: Where are the best places to catch fish?
A: Ah, that's a closely held secret! Seriously, we are blessed to have a lake that holds a lot of gamefish: crappie, bass (various types), catfish, aligator gar, bluegill...most all fish native to southern lakes. Depending upon water clarity, temperature and other conditions, you won't have to look far to catch a nice stringer! Be sure and check for local regulations and license requirements.

In addition, NHLA partners with Alabama Power each year to replinish fish habitat at various sites up and down the lake. APCO makes many of those sites available (including GPS coordinates) on it's website: apcshorelines.com/our lakes/
. Select recreation/fishing, Neely Henry Lake and GPS locations.

Good luck!!

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